NBIAA Final 12

Final 12 Photography

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2024 Final 12 NBIAA Basketball championships. It is sure to be another great event at TD Station.

My name is Kevin Barrett and I am the official photographer for the event.

Action photos will be available in a number of methods:

General action (no guarantees for any specific player – just game photos)

General action shots of the six games will be available at this link.

Kevin Barrett Photography | Final 12 2024 (kevinbarrettphotos.ca)

For last year’s photos, see this link Kevin Barrett Photography | Final 12 2023 (kevinbarrettphotos.ca)

The photos will be posted in various time periods following the event for purchase.

Individual Digital Package: 15 images (pre-booking required)

Additionally, there is a tournament package of 15 individual digital images of your player for $75.

These are pre-paid only and there is only a limited number of players I can focus on each game. Therefore, if interested, it is best to contact me via email at kevinbarrettphotos@gmail.com with player’s team, and number and e-transfer of the fee to me at least one hour prior to the game to book a spot.

Individual action print

Action shots packaged in a commemorative Final 12 print in either 8×10 ($30) and 11×14 ($45) sizing. Shipping is extra. Again, important to book interest in this prior to the game.

One of a kind individual print collage with six or eight images (pre-booking required)

We will have examples of 6 and 8 picture collages, complete with Final 12 logos, name, number and school. The cost Is $65 for 6 photos in an 11×14 collage of $100 for 8 photos in a 16×20 collage.

Yard Signs

I will have examples of graduation yard signs, which many athletes love to use with an action shot from a significant event. The cost is $55 and will be delivered to the school when ready in early May.

Other items

Finally, I will have other examples of graduation, action and sporting work on display, if there is a custom order you would to discuss with us. I look forward to capturing the memories of this once in a lifetime event for the Final 12 participants.

Thank you,
Kevin Barrett